Braided & Protective Tubings / Mechanical protection

Self-closing protective tubing

  • temperature range: -50 °C to 150 °C
  • size range 5...38 mm
  • self-closing construction
  • exceptional abrasion and cut through resistance
  • very light-weight and optimized for fast assembling and removing
  • EU RoHS

TwistTube™2420 is a self-closing oversleeve made from polyester monofilaments and multifilaments. Its self-wrapping design allows for quick and easy bundling of wire and cable assemblies. TwistTube™2420 guarantees an outstanding abrasion protection and maintains a circular profile when flexed. The unique design easily allows for cable bundle inspection and modification.

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Motorsports

General product information about TWISTTUBE™2420

Thermal properties Operating temperature -50 °C  to  150 °C
Material Materials polyester multifilaments and monofilaments
Approvals EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV not ELV compliant
General properties Standard colours of product family
  • black (-0)
Markets Automotive, Industrial, Motorsports
Measurements Size range of product family 5...38 mm

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Article Inner Ø nom Color availability Bookmark
TWISTTUBE2420-5-0 5.0 mm black 150 m
TWISTTUBE2420-8-0 8.0 mm black 200 m
TWISTTUBE2420-10-0 10.0 mm black 150 m
TWISTTUBE2420-13-0 13.0 mm black 1370 m
TWISTTUBE2420-16-0 16.0 mm black upon request
TWISTTUBE2420-19-0 19.0 mm black 750 m
TWISTTUBE2420-25-0 25.0 mm black upon request
TWISTTUBE2420-29-0 29.0 mm black 125 m
TWISTTUBE2420-32-0 32.0 mm black upon request
TWISTTUBE2420-38-0 38.0 mm black 7 m