Braided & Protective Tubings / Electrical insulation

Flexible fibreglass based electrical insulating sleeving

  • temperature range: -60 °C to 220 °C
  • size range 0,5 ... 28 mm
  • VW-1 rated flame retardancy
  • EN 45545-2
  • highly flexible
  • Euro norm
  • EU RoHS

GES-40 is a braided fibreglass sleeve with a silicone rubber coating designed to provide electrical insulation. The thin wall silicone coating determines the dielectric strength of 4 kV. The high flexibility of GES allows relative diametrical expansion (approximately 1.3). This reddish-brown coloured product provides electrical insulation for a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Aviation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Defense
  • Railway
  • Solar
  • Motorsports

General product information about GES-40

Electrical properties Dielectric strength 4 kV/mm
Thermal properties Operating temperature -60 °C  to  220 °C
Chemical properties Fluid resistance transformer fluid
Material Materials glass fibre braid, silicone coating
Flammability flame retardant
Halogen content halogen free
Approvals EU RoHS RoHS compliant
EU ELV not ELV compliant
UL file nicht vorhanden
General properties Standard colours of product family
  • redbrown
Brand Bentley Harris
Markets Automotive, Industrial, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Defense, Railway, Solar, Motorsports
Measurements Size range of product family 0,5 ... 28 mm

Artikelbestand GES-40 (21 von 21 Artikel)

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Article inner diameter nom. wall thickness Color availability Bookmark
GES-40-0.5-2 0.5 mm 0.45 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-1-2 1.0 mm 0.62 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-1.5-2 1.5 mm 0.68 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-2-2 2.0 mm 0.68 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-2.5-2 2.5 mm 0.72 mm red brown 250 m
GES-40-3-2 3.0 mm 0.76 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-4-2 4.0 mm 0.81 mm red brown 250 m
GES-40-5-2 5.0 mm 0.66 mm red brown 2750 m
GES-40-6-2 6.0 mm 0.62 mm red brown 2500 m
GES-40-7-2 7.0 mm 0.85 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-8-2 8.0 mm 0.95 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-9-2 9.0 mm 0.91 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-10-2 10.0 mm 1.15 mm red brown 100 m
GES-40-12-2 12.0 mm 1.17 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-14-2 14.0 mm 1.27 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-16-2 16.0 mm 1.2 mm red brown 100 m
GES-40-18-2 18.0 mm 1.55 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-20-2 20.0 mm 1.43 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-22-2 22.0 mm 2.13 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-25-2 25.0 mm 1.73 mm red brown upon request
GES-40-28-2 28.0 mm 1.94 mm red brown upon request